Comic-Con 2015 Photo Gallery

Comic-Con 2015: Top 5 Favorite Costumes

Is it just us, or are the costumes the best part of Comic-Con? We saw a ton of amazing costumes, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites to the five below. What was the best costume you

Comic-Con 2015 Days 3 & 4

Comic-Con 2015 Fan Photos: LEGO Dimensions

LEGO took over the outside of our hotel, put an awesome LEGO statue at our entrance and invited Comic-Con goers to be among the first to play LEGO Dimensions . Check out some of our fan photos: @legodimensions @fannypackfilms @blairprintables_cityart @kikaygirl26 @anitzapayan @zap2it @halasaxo @joeearlharris

Comic-Con 2015 Fan Photos: The Expanse Cafe

This year SyFy transformed Maryjane’s into The Expanse Café complete with VR swag, meteors, and more. Check out some of our fan shots: @dirtygossiprumors @katherinenelson9 @parksandcons @foodieagenda @dailydares @frankdonner @fanboyplanet @hanhonymous @osyrus68

Comic-Con 2015 Day 2

What was the coolest part of your day? Here’s a glimpse at ours:

Comic-Con 2015 Fan Photos: The Walking Dead Elevators

We might be a little biased, but we think we have the coolest Comic-Con elevators ever! AMC’s The Walking Dead took over our elevators to promote their upcoming season and they are so epic that we wish we could keep them up forever. Check out our favorite fan photos: @hectorfloresmiranda @destroyah316  @ham_sandoval  @jorgedirtbag @lil_redheidi @michaelryanp @mllekristinnoelle @rockotw09 @shea2you @thefrakkingdead  @walkingdead_

SyFy’s The Expanse Cafe at Maryjane’s

Every year SyFy takes over Maryjane’s and transforms it into an epic café to promote an upcoming show. This year they created The Expanse Café, and every detail is amazing. From the virtual reality swag to the meteors coming out of the bar ceiling, everything is eye-catching. Stop by to eat, drink, and experience #TheExpanse.

Comic-Con 2015 Day 1


Happy first day of Comic-Con! It’s officially our favorite time of year and the best part of this time is seeing all of the amazing costumes. Here’s a look at our first

Our All-Time Favorite Comic-Con Tips

Can you believe Comic-Con starts tomorrow? In honor of it, we’ve rounded up our all-time favorite Comic-Con tips from our fans.  Take a look and share your favorite tip in a comment below!